Our Story

The Complex of Care and Educational Institutions - or Orphanage - is run by the Congregation of the Sisters. The beginnings of its activity date back to 1943 - such a long experience in helping the youngest children translates into effectiveness also today.


A few events from our history

All along, the Orphanage was controlled by the School Sisters’ Congregation. The main Sisters showed up in 1861. Around then, the House of the Holy Family was made in view of the underpinning of Fr. Minister Dominik Jäschke. By dedicating themselves to instructive work, they maintained a business college and a kindergarten, showed free neighborhood young ladies, cared for vagrants and facilitated school children.


The incredible history didn’t extra the office, it influenced the Second World War the most harshly, when the Nazi specialists shut down the Sisters’ school, restricted young ladies from being owned up to the financial school and denied the option to run a kindergarten. In the fall of 1943, Sowey depended the Sisters with the consideration of their moms’ kids.


After the finish of the conflict, offspring of various ethnicities were all the while remaining in the shelter, who (because of their rising number) were moved to different homes. The sisters served the youngsters who offered them grace being familiar with the exercises of their home during the conflict.


During the 1950s, the office was nationalized and gotten the authority name of “The House of Small Children” for kids from 0 to 3 years old. The better administration was taken over by the Presidium of the Provincial National Council, the Health Department, the Mother and Child Care Department. The immediate administration of the office stayed in the possession of the Sisters.


In 1994, the State returned the Sisters to run the House, and the Board of Education and Upbringing assumed control over the management of the office, which from that point forward worked under the name of an Orphanage and was placed into the register of non-public organizations. Around then, kids matured 1-10 were confessed to the office.


In June 2000, the age range for youngsters was reached out to 12 years.

The idea

We attempt to guarantee that there is a family way of life, a decent environment of shared references and connections, so kids have a good sense of reassurance, consistently cherished and acknowledged here. We do everything with the goal that the spring of life of the youngsters who come to our house was a period of delight and warmth and – regardless of the troublesome encounters of destiny – they could reside trust for a superior future.

Because you deserve to shine.

We want to give children the best