About us

The Complex of Care and Educational Institutions - or Orphanage - is run by the Congregation of the Sisters. The beginnings of its activity date back to 1943 - such a long experience in helping the youngest children translates into effectiveness also today.


Who are we helping?

As a matter of some importance, kids. At the office, we help youngsters in crisis emergency circumstances, for a brief time or for all time denied of their family’s consideration. We give nonstop consideration and instruction as well as fitting circumstances for improvement. In our office, nuns and qualified lay specialists show the exit from an emergency circumstance, re-show the bonds with guardians or carers so the re-visitation of the normal family happens quickly. We work seriously with guardians, social government assistance foundations and other kid and family support associations to guarantee that understudies get the most ideal assistance.

"Good. The more you give, the more you get "

Care and Educational facility

The errand of the organizations is wellbeing and instructive consideration for the kid remaining in the office and care for the appropriate improvement of his character; simultaneously, it puts forth attempts to keep up with the bond with its folks to empower the kid to get back to the states of the normal family sooner or later. In the event that there is no chance of contact with his regular family, the office puts forth attempts, laid out by regulation, to search for a supportive family or a temporary family for the kid.
The point of the establishments is to shield the most youthful kids from social halfway house, longer stays in little youngsters’ homes and to guarantee that they return to their normal family or a substitute family climate at the earliest opportunity. The errand of PI is to give kids specially appointed 24-hour care, to empower contact with the youngster’s folks to keep up with attaches with the family, to put forth attempts to return the kid to the normal family, to control what is going on (for example on account of leaving the youngster in clinic) while setting up the receptive family or encourage kid so the kid turns out to be important for the family straightaway.

The idea

We attempt to guarantee that there is a family way of life, a decent environment of shared references and connections, so kids have a good sense of reassurance, consistently cherished and acknowledged here. We do everything with the goal that the spring of life of the youngsters who come to our house was a period of delight and warmth and – regardless of the troublesome encounters of destiny – they could reside trust for a superior future.

Because you deserve to shine.

We want to give children the best