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Salmon Cycle, Hoddom



Solway Heritage was asked by the River Annan District Salmon Fisheries Board to research and develop a trail which uses the Atlantic salmon life cycle to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for recreational visitors to the riverside walk along the River Annan in Hoddom Estate.

The Atlantic salmon is a celebrated symbol of Scotland and has a fascinating and complex life-history. The salmon’s unusual life cycle, which involves spawning in clean freshwater gravel beds, followed by a journey down to the sea and then returning as an adult to spawn in the birth river, is fraught with conservation threats. The project provides wonderful opportunities to explain conservation issues including pollution, stream obstacles, overfishing and habitat destruction, all factors which have contributed to salmon declines.

Solway Heritage has managed the project to install a series of features which reveal fascinating facts about the river and are part of the Rivers Annan and Kirtle Habitat Enhancement Project, one of many supported by the Sulwath Connections Landscape Project.