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Landfill Communities Fund Projects


Solway Heritage has been administering the Landfill Communities Fund (formerly known as the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme) since September 1997.  Over the last 15 years, over £1.6 million has been contributed to 156 projects, across Dumfries and Galloway.

The following list shows the projects which have been supported. 
* Current projects (at January 2013)

7Stanes Phase 2 – Ae and Mabie£50,000
8-12 High Street, Sanquhar£10,000
Access Strategy and South of Scotland Countryside Trails£94,000
Actions for Wood Pasture£10,000
Adamson Square, Creetown£37,500
Agnew Monument, Stranraer£12,000
Aldouran Glen Access project, Leswalt£5,000
Aldouran Glen Community project £581
Aldouran Glen Village, Leswalt£5,000
Allanton Sanctuary Green Gym£4,620
Annan Fisheries Habitat Improvement Scheme£10,000
Annan Harbour Improvements *£9,075
Archaeological Interpretation£28,000
Archaeological Translation£16,500
Auchencairn Community Leaflet£600
Auchencairn Footpath Network and Bird Hide£6,441
Auchencairn Millennium Garden£614
Auchencairn Recreation Area£8,000
Balloch Wood Community project, Creetown£5,000
Balloch Wood (Source to Sea)£10,000
Barhobble Phase 2£296
Bonnie Langholm Composting project£382
Broughton House, Kirkcudbright£25,000
BTCV Action Breaks at Caerlaverock£1,000
Burns Hermitage£10,000
Cairnhead Community Forest and Striding Arches£39,000
Carsethorn Viewpoint£3,200
Carstramon Wood Wildlife Reserve, Gatehouse of Fleet£5,612
Carstramon Wood, Gatehouse of Fleet£5,640
Castle Douglas Town Centre Waste Minimisation£5,500
Castle Green, Stranraer£5,476
Castle Loch, Lochmaben£1,125
Castle of St John, Stranraer£15,000
Castlehill Park, Whithorn£4,250
Community Environmental Action£13,335
Community Waste Minimisation£19,983
Creetown Clock Tower£4,000
Crichton Walks, Dumfries£3,228
Cruck Cottage, Torthorwald (Restoration)£9,000
Cruck Cottage, Torthorwald (Roof Repairs) *£600
Cruggleton Castle, Wigtownshire£35,599
Dalbeattie Burn / Town Trail£5,000
Dalbeattie Forest Footpath£5,500
Dalbeattie Granite Garden£5,000
Dalbeattie Old Port Restoration£12,000
Dalbeattie Townscape Audit£1,255
Dalton Old Parish Church£22,000
Dee Eel Restoration project *£2,000
Devil’s Porridge, Eastriggs *£33,900
DG1 Public Open Space£20,000
Dock Park Regeneration Horticultural project *£15,875
Doors Open Days 1999£1,899
Doors Open Days 2000£1,613
Doors Open Days 2001£8,003
Doors Open Days 2002£6,343
Doors Open Days 2003£6,600
Doors Open Days 2004£9,760
Drumburn Viewpoint£1,000
Drummore Low Road£5,344
Dumfries and Galloway Access project£5,643
Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum *£15,000
Dumfries and Galloway Black Grouse project£8,925
Dumfries and Galloway Environment Day 2004£1,000
Dumfries & Galloway Environment Days 2005 and 2006£1,000
Dumfries and Galloway Environmental Resources Centre£18,000
Dumfries & Galloway Invasive Non Native Species (Nith) *£12,500
Dumfries & Galloway Invasive Non Native Species (Annan)£12,500
Dumfries YMCA Nature Garden *£5,000
Earshaigs Lochans, Beattock *£1,952
Easterbrook Hall, The Crichton, Dumfries£25,000
Electro Fishing and Restocking Programme£4,725
Enhancements to Southwick Coast Reserve£4,943
Environment Days 2005 and 2006£1,000
Environment Task Force£33,000
Environmental Audit£44,000
Environmental Education – Recycling Boxes£750
Environmental Fair Green Tourism£2,500
Eskrigg Green Gym£10,000
Eskrigg Interpretive Centre£3,400
Farm Waste Recycling Scheme£61,650
Friars Carse Riverside Footpath *£8,550
FWAG Landwise project (Mein Water)£5,250
FWAG Working Towards Best Practice£7,500
Galloway Fisheries Volunteer Scheme *£4,725
Galloway House Gardens, Garlieston£3,200
Galloway House Gardens (Open Paths, Open Views) *£6,082
Geological Sites in Dumfries and Galloway£2,203
Geology Trail£2,345
Green Composting£10,000
Improvement of Riparian Habitats for Priority Species£9,500
Japanese Knotweed, Gatehouse of Fleet£5,089
Ken-Dee Marshes Nature Reserve£3,500
Kirkcolm Walk and Bridge£3,255
Kirkconnel – Going Forward, Looking Back£11,000
Kirkconnel – Nature and Environment Comes Home£3,000
Kirkconnel Former Gas Works£34,316
Kirkconnel Parish Riverside Walk£4,300
Kirkdale Sawmill, Carsluith£2,000
Kirkpatrick Durham Community Development project£2,700
Knowetop Lochs, Corsock£9,154
Langholm Walks£2,710
Listed Steadings project£1,601
Little Dalton Church£9,000
Local Heroes and Flora Celtica (Logan Botanic Gardens)£6,557
Loch Ryan Coastal Path£5,500
Logan Botanic Gardens Conservatory *£20,000
Logan Botanic Gardens (Local Heroes and Flora Celtica)£6,557
Logan Botanic Gardens (Wonder at Your Feet)£1,600
Machars Access and Garlieston Coastal Path£26,754
Marian Tower, Kirkcolm£8,987
Mersehead Development£32,133
Mersehead Nature Reserve£5,000
Mid Nith Fishing Piers£5,500
Mill on the Fleet Wildlife Camera, Gatehouse£3,430
Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet£3,000
Moneypool Burn, Creetown£5,000
Moniaive Riverside Path£6,800
New Barns Crannog, Colvend£500
Old Mortality, Balmaclellan£1,650
Parliament Square, Langholm£25,008
Penkiln Suspension Bridge, Newton Stewart£6,300
Port Macadam Access project, Gatehouse of Fleet£10,000
Powillimount Viewpoint£8,500
Ravenshall, Carsluith£1,390
Red Squirrel projects£10,695
Reintroduction of Sparling£14,000
Rhonehouse Fair Green£2,771
River Annan Catchment Water Vole project£7,000
River Nith Enhancement (Fish Pass)£4,000
Robert the Bruce Trail£4,250
Rookeries Census 2003£600
Rounall Wood Quarry project, Dalbeattie£2,500
Rounall Wood, Dalbeattie£3,177
Salcot Tower, Caerlaverock£10,000
Salmon Cycle£17,147
Sanquhar Castle Feasibility Study£2,100
Sanquhar Heritage Trail£20,000
Sensory Garden, Mabie Forest£4,000
Set in Stone, Kirkconnel£10,000
Shred-a-Bed – Recycling Newspapers£3,045
Small Streams Management project£15,000
Sojers Bridge, Sanquhar£10,000
Solway House Living Arts Centre, The Crichton, Dumfries£10,000
South West Scotland Community Environment project£5,000
Southern Upland Way, Portpatrick£20,000
Southern Uplands Partnership£10,000
Spooky Wood / Carrefour, Dalbeattie£3,917
St Andrews RC Church, Dumfries – Church Spire£5,000
St Machutus Restoration (Wigtown Old Parish Church)£40,000
Stairhaven, Glenluce£5,000
Stakeford Wildlife Site£6,000
Swan Pipe, Caerlaverock£5,000
SWEAP – Eco Schools£5,000
SWEAP – Eco training / community environmental projects£4,637
SWEAP Breaks£1,250
Threave House, Castle Douglas£20,000
Totem Pole project, Dalbeattie Forest£5,000
Townhead Church Building Restoration *£4,640
TreeFest / Out of the Woods£4,931
Twynholm Village Path£3,650
Vans-Agnew Monument, Kirkinner£3,000
Whing Burn Native Riparian Woodland Planting£5,415
Whitefield Loch, Glenluce£7,000
Wigtown Bay Local Nature Reserve£3,000
Wigtown Drumlins Trees£3,231
Wildlife Heritage of Dumfries and Galloway£7,150
Windmill Tower and Camera Obscura, Dumfries£10,500
Wood Tour Education Initiative£1,525
Woodhouse Meadow, Dalbeattie£1,200
WWT Visitor Centre, Caerlaverock£21,000